Our Story

We Help People Feel Calm
in Their Everyday Life

Calm by Wellness currently voted the best tasting and most trusted CBD on the market today. With over 100's of YouTube testimonials and 5-star ratings on Amazon, we are razor focused on continuing to create solutions that help as many people find calm in everyday life. By the end of 2019, Calm by Wellness will be one of the largest Hemp growing and CBD extraction facilities in the world to service our growing customers and private label clients.

We are 100% Transparent from Soil to Oil

From our farms around the US, to proprietary oil blend manufacturing in Sunny Southern California, every part of the supply chain is owned by a single company. We offer 100% Broad Spectrum CBD that is all natural and organically sourced. The Colorado agricultural department is one of the strictest in the nation and we are proud to be grown in the USA. We use a CO2 extraction process to capture over 80+ naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. This new advanced CO2 extraction process does not use the harmful toxins and solvents required from traditional methods. This means the most natural and clean CBD on the market. We’ve worked with our flavor scientists for over 2-years to develop the best tasting CBD on the market and our customers and fans agree.

We have the most Genuine & Brightest Minds
in the Cannabis Industry

We are founded by a community of scientists, researchers, and pharmacists on a mission to help people find calm in their everyday life. We highlight the top research facilities to develop products that are actually backed by science. Our team is dedicated to finding the latest advancements in life science research and share it with others through functional and natural solutions that optimize your everyday life. In everything we do, and in every product we make, we have you in mind.

Calm by Wellness collaborates with the greatest minds in the wellness industry from the top flavor formulators to the pioneers developing functional and natural solutions around everyday life.

We can get obsessive...

We send personal thank you videos to each and every one of you. Why? Because we feel like it! We want to know who our customers are, where they come from and how we can help each one of you. We strive to have the best scientists, the best formula, and best tasting CBD. Each and every product from our community is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll LOVE Calm.

Your Safety Above Everything

GMP and ISO9001 food grade manufacturer certified. While other companies are catching up, we’ve adhered to the highest safety standards of Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO standards since Day One, even when it wasn’t required of us. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who understand clean rooms and the highest level of both food and medical grade safety.

We are 100% transparent and organic. Every single batch is tested by a 3rd party lab and published publicly to ensure potency and safety. Every CBD is always THC free, and 100% legal.

All of our products contain 80+ naturally occurring Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Our CBD uses a more healthy CO2 extraction process, no toxic solvents are used. Supercritical CO2 extraction extracts every compound found in the Cannabis plant very well, except: phenolics, alkaloids, and glycosidic compounds, this influences flavonoids. Carbon dioxide is non-flammable and non-toxic, it’s also thought that CO2 extraction can prevent oxidation of lipids.